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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I've been thinking...

about why I started and what this blog is for. I don't really write often on purposeful or meaningful things, like HaShem, principals, or values. Yes, I'll confess. I am sometimes concerned that my blog isn't as encouraging, feminine, or G-dly as other blogs are, or as I'd like it to be.But I know that it is just a blog, and it is up to me what is on it. I know that everything we do reflects our hearts.

Its just like Yeshua said.
"For the mouth speaks what overflows from the heart. Matthew 12:34"
Let me start with why I began this blog.I didn't know anything about blogging or blogs or even what a blog was 3 years ago. Then my Mother told me about hers, and I was interested. After a time, I asked her if I could start one. By then I was checking other blogs out, some of which are on my sidebar today. Eventually, when I was 14, she allowed me to begin one. My purpose for starting a blog was to create a place where young ladies could come and be encouraged, lightened, and inspired. I don't know how well I've succeeded at that, but I want to try just a tiny bit harder. I really don't want to put a lot of energy into my blog, especially when there are things in my life that I need to put more energy into.
Speaking of that, I know I've been mentioning my efforts to "re-organize" my daily life structure a lot lately, which probably hinted to you that it wasn't going so well. lol Note to self: don't try to structure your days when you're on a needed winter break. :) Anyway, at least I have a plan for when I end break on Jan.3. You see, I tend to be "busy" all the time, but not really getting anything or enough done, or done well. So, my remedy for that is a time for everything, a day for everything, and no time for idleness (which sneaks in now and then). Also, no fiddling, but instead thoroughness, excellence, and efficiency. I'll present this plan to you next Monday (Young Maiden's Daybook), and tell me what you think.
Back to the purpose of this blog.
So far as feeling that my blog doesn't meet someone else's G-Dly standards or what not- My mother said she used to feel the same way and it prevented her posting, but she realized that she wanted her blog (and home) to be comfortable and free, and she didn't want to be held back from blessing others. I decide the same thing right now (though it'll take some mind renewing) .

I do want this blog to , first of all, honor and glorify HaShem. Secondly, I want it to encourage and inspire others. Thirdly, I want it to be capable to lead others to light and truth.Fourthly, I want it to be a reflection of me, my personality, and my likes and dislikes. Fifthly, I want it to be a fun , comfortable page on the web, where others can share and comment at will, with no fear of offending, 'cause just like its "my site, my right", its also "your comment, your....right?"

So on a scale of 1-10 (I always do this) I think I've followed the above to the number 6. I want to get to number 9 in 2 months.Do you think that's reasonable? :) Thank you to all my readers for reading, following, commenting, and visiting!
Happy 2010! We are the next generation! (I know that is totally off topic, but I do want to do a post about that...)

Image from internet from the movie Emma 1996 version.

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  1. I know what you mean. A few months ago I was contemplating deleting my old blog because I felt I wasn't keeping up with some arbitrary standard I'd set for myself. But then I realized that part of what blogging is about is sharing laughs and thoughts not just specifically about faith. Certainly that's an important part of it, but edifying readers can be as simple a thing as posting a joke or something to lighten hearts for a few minutes. = )
    Blessings in the new year!


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