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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A 'Cyberschooled' Girl ?

I wrote a post called 'A Home schooled Girl (portfolio time)'. Thus the name, because this post is about cyber school, part of the commonwealth services available in many areas. It is public school on your computer. Alright, now I will proceed.(my grandmother(blurred) and me in the photo)
This year for school, we (my family) was not able to afford all the curriculum necessary for our (my brother and I) mother to teach us, so we were enrolled in cyber school. It was a big change, and there was TONS TONS TONS of work to be done, for me to catch up on 2 months and 1wk of lessons, and my mother and brother to adjust to his schedule and lesson load. We've finally settled down, but my brother is now being taught by Mom, while I am still in cyber school.
Lately though, the stress and work load, and the system of education has been getting to me. In my opinion, I am not being educated, because the load of lessons is so large, every days mission is to complete the lessons assigned, so that I will not get backed up. And one or two days will back you up. I spend hours on the computer and in textbooks. Do we see a problem here?

Before I go into my homeschooling versus cybershooling, I want to say that I do not mean to demean or critizise anyones desicions. We found it necassary to rely on the public educational system, and I know that many people many times, also find it nessacary.Please view the following as my opinion, my experience, and my view ;) With that said...

My mother and I were contemplating switching me back to my favorite school advisor- her. The reasons for this-
  • I want to learn, to know, and to grow mentally. With the system I am currently in, I am being piled with info, have to answer questions, and then the very next day is a new concept. This is not our definition of education. I should be learning to remember, enjoy my studies, and have the freedom to go deeper or go lighter.
  • The standards in the public educational system are low, and about quantity, not quality, in my opinion.
None the less, my decision was to stay in cyber school because I feel led to do so. I feel like it is a challenge that I need to take.I want to do my best, and this system is forcing me to stick to a schedule, exercise self control, and etc, and I think that that is something I REALLY need.
I just wanted to share this experience, and if there are others out there trying to make a tough decision, follow my Mom's advice and pray about it, and be practical - and also , follow your instincts.Not above G-d or His word, but with it.

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