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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's a funny story,really....

Last night my family and I stood up pretty late, watching shows after we watched
the show, "Blood, Sweat, and Takeaway" (a show about where certain food comes from). IN consequence, I woke up pretty late, which was also partly in consequence of being a little sore from my new exercise routine....*ahem* So, I woke up, and before you know it, the doorbell rang. Now, you must take note that I was still in my pajamas and hadn't even brushed my hair. (I am sure you are cringing at this point) I am the only one able to answer the door, since I am the oldest when mom is not available. So I answered the door. Now you must really be cringing, and if you aren't, I am. It turns out to be the mailman, and NOT the old one. So, he tells me that "this letter (one from a friend of mine) needs 20 cents." I say ok, and run off to get a stamp. I am confused from embarrassment, so I come back from my unsuccessful stamp hunt, and ask " Do I need a stamp for that?" He says, "No.." By this time I am fully awake and starting to become self conscious.I search, unsuccessfully, for 20 cents.Eventually, we settle it, and I close the door and go upstairs. My mom tells me I should've just put a stamp on it, but I'm too embarrassed to mourn . Do you think I am vain? Well, I am not laughing about it now, but I will be later.
Another funny story- I forgot about A Young Maiden's Daybook Monday! I was taking my Algebra midterm exam (I got a C 37/50, 13 wrong).
Another funny thing is that we have a mouse in the house, specifically the kitchen, and I feel like I'm walking into the unknown wilderness every time I go in there. So I use our dog Leo as a body guard, and I am confident when all 3 dogs are out and about. lol Mouse won't venture out then! We are trying to catch it, and Mom is afraid it is pregnant, because she saw it with a big belly last night. Maybe it's just fat???

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  1. Thank you for pointing my typo out to me! I never would have spotted it otherwise!!! = )


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