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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Supreme Short Answers Session Jan.19

So today we had a long Short Answer session. And hope you enjoy. I am putting up Mcklinky b/c I noticed a few Short Answer visitors.Here we go!

What is a pedestrian?
Um, do you mean a civiling or a pedregistian?
What is a civling?
Like, one of your family members.
I think you mean a sibling.
Yeah, that.What's a sibling anyways?
A sibling is a brother or sister.
No not that, a civling.
There is no such thing as a civling, that I know of.There are civilians.
Oh I know those! I know those ! those are regular people.
Yup, and that is what a pedestrian is.A civilian.
What? (with a "why didn't you tell me?" expression and tone)

Why is the earth round?
Round? If it would be square we would just fall off the earth. And when we go round in circles, we don't fall off , cause its round.
Good answer
Was I right?
I was right about the square one right?
Well, I don't see how the earth could be square. *nodding head "yes"*
(goes off in to a long story about a family on a square earth)

How do you spell - shiny- ?
Very good !

If you were a bird, where would you fly to?
California! Oy, oy oy! No, No,No, Florida, cause its very hot there-I would be like "ahhhh". I hope I would be a seagull so that I could fly anywhere! And I could eat fishies and attack other seagulls.

Do you know what was the first country ever?
Um...United States?Am I close? Or was the united states the 9th one?
Actually, you are not close.*kind of laughing,trying not too*
Yeah, it was not the 9th one right?
No like the 100th, 150th...*guess we both didn't know this one...*

Bonus Time!!!!!!!!

How do you make a bed?
Um, you use springs, sometimes metal to hold up the bed, and sometimes wood.under your bed there is wood. and you have to use cotton, and you have to- if you want to do designs on it you have to paint it and then stop painting it and let it dry and then do the other designs on it. And how to make the top , you have to sew on to- yeah, you have to make a top and bottom so the cotton and springs don't fall out. You have to sew it to the springs- actually, they use a sewing maker.
(begins exclaiming on the amount of words)
Thank you very much-

Hey! I am not done!
You are not done?
No. I forgot the poles.I seen somebody make a bed before.Just kidding, I never saw a person make a bed in my life.
And, how to make the poles is - you can carpentize the wood and make it smooth and paint it any color you want.But make sure its not black because they won't believe.And not green either because they will think its slimy and gooey.
Ok, Are you done?
Nope. How to make the center of the bed- do not make any of the colors I just mentioned. I insist, do brown and they will believe you, and light brown. I'm not trying to get a bed that was all green and slimy- BOOM! they didn't believe it.

Are you done now?

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