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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Short Answers Jan13

If you were a dog that could talk, what would you say?
That's an easy question (with a "this is a dumb question look) - bark bark.

What would you do if it was 200 degrees outside, and you had to mow the lawn?
Hmm, I would , I would ...I would...I would...put on everything I have, all my clothes, and then I wouldn't have any clothes because they would get all soggy. Then I would be like , "Oh yeah, running free!" *sorry if this is a little graphic...*

Where were you born?
Pennsylvania..When was I born? in 2002. on September 12Th
I ask the questions here, not you*both laugh*.Where in P-
Pennsylvania? In the baby hospital.

How do you spell- spelling?
That's easy. S-e-l-i-n-g.
It's actually "S-P-E L-L-I-N-G
Okay, next question please.

How many years can a human live?
Ten years and then they die.Wait no.I think its 22
If it's 22, how is your mom and my mom alive?
That's easy.10+10=22. Well, 10+10 +20, but...(wanders off)
But your mom is not 22.
Wouldn't she be dead?
No.When she was first born, then she keeps on continuing,until she's like 62.

As you see, this was quite a discussive (new word) Short Answers session. ;) No one has been participating,so no Mcklinky.

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