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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Young Maiden's Daybook Jan.4

Monday, January 4, Tevet 18, 2010

Outside my window…
Gray sky,looks like rain.

I am thinking…
about whether our (me and my family) lives will be the same 3 months from now , next fall, and on Rosh haShana.

I am thankful for… the ability to change our lives, and according to the will of HaShem.

I am wearing…My pajamas. yes, I confess. This is because when i wake up a little late, the dogs come first.

I am reading… trying to finish up More Love to Thee: The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss.

I am creating… this post.

One of my favorite things…
the Flickr group I joined (with my mom) called The Blog Camp 365 days in 2010 Project, where you take a photo everyday. Keep up on my photography blog to see each days picture so far, and future ones when they are posted.

For education this week…
I will be doing Cyber charter school still, but looking into switching to natural homeschooling next week or so. It is a tough desicion, and I am a little frightened about messing up my credits, but we will see.This is one of my first big desicions.

A keeper at home skill I am using/learning … None presently, but we have a new kitchen sink faucet and Dad fixed the Dishwasher.

A spiritual lesson I’m learning… to stay even farther away from Lashon Hara (gossip and slander).
A godly character trait I plan to work on…

Scripture I am memorizing… I am not memorizing a scripture, but I think I dreamt or thought of one last night that I cannot remember.

I am praying for…my family, my education, my driving, and our future growth, spiritually and practically.

For the rest of the week… I apologize there was no Weekly Aliyah this week. I was out in the town with my aunt and Mother having some much needed all around girl time. It was a blast.
This week I 'll be slaving away at school, and just checking off the todo list.

A picture I’d like to share…

Isn't he cute? I think he's saying, "Want to know a secret?" Yes, Leo, tell us a secret!
"Ok, Katherine is going to write a story or series of stories about me, Zoey and Zion haveing adventures in the house and talking. And she's going to write true stories, not made up ones."
Well, you heard him! Check my Literature blog sometime soon or next month for stories about Leo and the puppies! :)

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