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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Short Answers Jan.4 with Bonus Questions

This weeks Short Answers have some bonus questions, requested by my Short Answerer, Angelique (my little girl cuz). Participate even if you don't want to do it every week! And if you don't participate, leave a comment, please, so I know that people are actually reading this! lol Here we go....
Do you know what it means to "define" something ?
No ( with a , "who cares?" look)
What do you think it might mean?
I don't know. (still with a "who cares?" look ;)

What does "eco friendly" mean?
I don't know.
Think (this was Mom )
I don't know
Do you know what eco means?
Its a name.

How old are the United States of America?
Like 3000 and 4000 years old.

How do you think they made the first television?
With static and remotes and they also made it with technology.

What is a marsupial?
Something that is like in the solar system.

BONUS TIME! (we just randomly made this up ;)

Are you afraid of mice?
Nods head no, with a "why would I be afraid?" look.

Would you touch a mouse?

If its fluffy, yes.

Why do they keep corn in water, when its in a can?

So it could, like, i don't , well, They keep corn in water so its not dirty and it won't dry up.

Here is her question to me.

What is in the solar system that is shaped like a square?
I don't know. Shaped like a square, in the solar system? (thinking, "She must have a thing for solar systems")
Repeats Question
I don't know. Tell me.
A spaceman's shoe.

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