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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold Contemplations

I know that by the title, this perhaps sounds like an interesting and intriguing post. But, I think it is not going to be. ;) The irony.

Cold Contemplations

Now, don't think that this post is going to be about how much I hate the cold, the snow, or winter. On the contrary, I love it. To me, it seems like a part of me. I am just writing what I feel.

I understand that most people dislike or despise winter. Many people suffer from depression, or even S.A.D (a seasonal affective disorder) in a dark, grey season like this. Also, accidents, delays, and other negative effects are definitely very...bad, for lack of a better word. With those acknowledgments made, I will continue.

Winter is my favorite season because-
I adore the white, the light, and the constant soft yet swift motion of the snowflakes. In a blizzard like this, watching the wind play with the snow is amazing. And when the moonlight, or any light, shines on those diamonds - it is so charming, almost indescribable.
When there is no white wonderland, I enjoy the cold. I dislike heat, but thrive physically, as far as energy goes, in the cold.
And the change from winter to spring is incredible to watch, and could perhaps not be so thoroughly enjoyed without winter.

I realized yesterday that I did not do Short Answers. Unfortunately, my Short Answeree was kept home because of this "blizzadster" (feel free to use that word freely (is this more irony- I love snow , but it had a negative effect on me?)). Also, my Purity Challenge (see sidebars) Week 2 post is in the process of creation! ;)

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  1. Cant' wait to read your future posts!!
    I just received your letter yesterday, and have begun my reply :)


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