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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Green Works or Lysol ?

* A scheduled post of a compare and contrast essay I wrote for English class.*

Cleaning products are a small but important part of the home, depending how much you clean. They are important because the cleanliness of your home depends largely on what products you use, and how well they clean. Green Works and Lysol are two popular cleaning products. How do you know which one really works?
Green Works is a production of Clorox. Green Works is a group of cleaning products that are made out of renewable resources, petrochemicals, and are biodegradable. The solution of most of the products is made out of plant and mineral based ingredients, and corn based ethanol, which is an eye irritant, so requires some caution. It does not contain harsh fumes which make it easy on sensitive noses, and no dangerous chemicals, so it is safe for children and pets. Many people are at first apprehensive to use Green Works, because they are afraid it won’t clean as well as other products like Lysol. In fact, many people say that it does not clean well at all. But most who have tried Green Works have been satisfied, and are happy to have a good cleaner that helps the environment. The price of Green Works product is usually from three to five dollars.
Lysol has been around for much longer than Green Works from Clorox, and is therefore trusted. Lysol is made of many dangerous chemicals and contains forms of chloride and alcohol. Despite these dangerous chemicals, Lysol has a good reputation for disinfecting, killing germs and odors. It is also popular because of its many uses in the home and workplace. Many people do not like the harsh smell of Lysol products, and therefore condemn it entirely. The price of Lysol is usually from three to seven dollars.
In conclusion, your decision between these two products all depends on what you’re looking for. If you prefer to use a less common product for the benefit of the environment, and know that it is safe for you and your home, and is free of harsh fumes and chemicals, choose Green Works. But if you prefer a strong and reliable cleaning solution, that will kill germs and odors almost instantly, go with Lysol. They both are products from reliable companies, and will help keep your home clean and safe by keeping it free from harsh chemicals with Green Works, or free from germs and odor with Lysol. Keeping your home clean and safe is important, so choose wisely!

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