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Sunday, March 7, 2010


 I've been meaning to post a bit about health. My inspiration- the health course I'm taking in school ;) I chose this beautiful song by Kina Grannis, called "Message from Your Heart", which is a song that makes you appreciate your heart- your actual physical heart ;) So...
I think it is almost common knowledge that obesity is now considered an epidemic in America, affecting adults, children, and dogs. Yes, more than 50% of dogs are obese. I know, right? Now, keep in mind, this post has some facts, but mostly opinion (its a blog, not a newspaper-at least that's my argument ;) 
Why is the reason for this (the obesity epidemic)? I think that its lack of exercise/ lack of healthy food/too much eating/laziness.  Its not just because of the health that obesity is a problem, but also because our bodies are the temple for the Ruach haKodesh, and we are to be good stewards of them. I tend to forget about my body and neglect it, but I know that this is wrong. I think that the same way we don't not brush our teeth and hair and leave our faces unwashed for longer than necessary, we shouldn't (not I used shouldn't) neglect our bodies by lack of exercise and bad eating habits. I understand that as young ladies in our parents homes, we are sometimes limited as to food choices and exercising equipment, and I understand by living it myself. But I can still exercise in my room (and do when I do exercise) doing crunches, leg exercises, push ups, and etc. I try to walk as often as I can (under my circumstances, not so often ;) and my favorite way to exercise- dancing! Salsa, worship, and to any music that I can lol
So I just wanted to put a little reminder out there- take care of your body, you can't live in this world without it ;)


  1. I agree that we Americans definitely need to develope healthier habits. I'm totally good with the exercising..I LOVE to push my body and get my heartrate up, but I'm also a sweet-tooth, which is NOT a good thing!! Why can't carrots taste like brownies??
    Great post!!

  2. yes! Why can't they?! I forgot to title this post!

  3. Great post! As someone who has a Chronic Illness and puts great effort into taking care of my body, it makes me so mad that so many Americans let their bodies degrade into sickness when they could have prevented it! Let the health care go to those who take care of their bodies and are still sick, not those who purposefully trash their bodies!


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