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Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Cannot Title this post....

I usually take some time to choose a title that accurately represents my post. Quirky ,right? And even though a lot of my post titles have been corny, lame, weak, and boring ( for example:this post title ;) Maybe that's the reason no one entered my giveaway! I mean, who calls a giveaway "Happy Purim Giveaway" ?  ;)

Joking aside, I wanted to talk about some things. I really don't know how to start.Well, I'll start with some things I've been struggling with (therefore thinking about ;) Play the video below while you read , it'll lighten it up ;) This is my favorite song by Beckah Shae.

Things I've been thinking about (speaking of lame titles)
I've made many decisions based on emotions, and during the most recent decision making process, I thought I was handling it pretty maturely ;) Ah, I was soon to find out that- I WASN'T! Well, if you call making important choices based on feelings mature, then I sure hit the mark ;) The funny thing is, when you are acting based on your feelings, often times, you don't  realize it. Is there anything we do that we do realize it while under the influence? ;) That's a rhetorical question by the way ;)

I often listen to Joyce Meyers teachings (I don't agree with all of her faith's theology, but she preaches many truths nonetheless) , and she has been teaching about emotions and living controlled by them and living not controlled by them. (Has HaShem been speaking to me? ;) I can't undo what I've done until a time machine is invented, but I can do things differently in future. Readers! Please! DO NOT LIVE IN THE PAST!!!! It doesn't totally control your future- you determine how much it does that, mostly pertaining to your mental and emotional mindset. You will miss the present and then you'll  regret that.

As for sins, if you have asked G-D's forgiveness, and turned from your ways, move forward. I am telling you this from experience- it is not worth it! As for not doing something that you wished you had, or visa versa, sometimes it is never too late, and sometimes, you have to accept it and move on. But don't stay in the same place. I think a key to happiness, contentment, and maturity is growth, and we cannot fully bloom if we have a petal closed  that refuses to unfold.

I've been struggling with self control with my thoughts. Negative thoughts create a negative attitude and outlook.It's so easy to give in , give up, and just think whatever comes to mind. Something I learned from Joyce Meyer- you don't have to think every thought that pops into your brain from your subconscious self ;) In my words, mind ;) That tip has helped me with control immensely. It is really amazing how much power we have, and how much power we relinquish. In all honesty, I think that sometimes we give up because of laziness. Yes, I wrote it. That dreaded word none of us like to admit, but all suffer from in some way (trust me, in some way, poignant or subtle) Physical laziness isn't the only form of laziness, sistas ;) I recently found this out. Yeah, I won't tell you what my area is (look above;)...*looks away and whistles, looks down and kicks a rock*

Anyway... I'm not done with this post. I mentioned it was going to be long ;)

Embrace the lessons that life tries to teach you, instead of fighting the change in behavior, mindset, or lifestyle. You sometimes don't know what you're missing... I find myself realizing little tests, lessons, and messages several times a day sometimes in that speak to different areas of my life, or in the same area of my life that I need to change. I don't realize them at first most of the time (this is an art to be practiced and acquired ;) But I am getting better, and my eye is becoming keener, s l o w l y  b u t  surely, in seeing opportunities for improvement or blessing.

On to lighter things.... OK, maybe not.
Do you ever find yourself longing to be one with nature, to embrace it, feel it, be part of it? But you are hindered by where you live, or unchangeable circumstances? That is how I feel. It makes me weep in my soul. I can't describe it, but it grieves me. Especially when , like lately, I've been cooped up in my room all day catching up and writing and studying, and researching and then filling my evening with as much as I can, so I don't get behind in other things. It is better now, so my goal now is to take walks and wake up early. The work was worth it. Work is usually always worth it.
Speaking of that- patience, endurance, and unconditional love in relationships with family and friends pays off as well. I have experienced this, thank G-D, and I can tell you it is sweet. Don't give up. Some might say that relationship with people is not important because people are not important. Direct that towards yourself, and see what you think then. And also, imagine if you were the only person alone on an island- do you think that you'd have a better chance of not going insane if you had a companion to share you troubles, doubts, fears, concerns, hopes and aspirations with? We all need this, and we dry up, become cold, or isolate ourselves if we don't allow this in our lives- room for other people, including ourselves, to grow, know, and love. The message of love- it would be almost completely useless without other people to spread it to.

My second favorite from Beckah Shae

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