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Friday, April 9, 2010

I'll Tell You...

...where I've been these weeks that I haven't been here. ;)

Well, first of all, with nice weather comes less blogging. Yeah, that's a new phrase, you've probably heard of it. It was actually in the 80's for a few days, and that is too hot for me. But it rained last night, and now it is in the 50's, and that is nice weather for me. Once it get's above 75, its too hot. But I've been outside a bit- enough to fall and hurt my leg, so that I've had to stay inside.

Anyway, enough about meteorology. If you didn't know, I have joined the most lovely blog group ever- the writers of Sisters of Pemberly. Please, please, please check it out!!! Go to the archives and find the post that is titled, "The Beginning", and keep reading! Perhaps not all in one sitting- our story is quite long now. This is a wonderful new experience for me, writing fiction that is. I never thought I would, but I love it! But I think that has something to do with the wonderful girl's I'm writing with, the plot is great, the character's I know well, because they are the children of that original Pride and Prejudice character's. It's quite fun. Really. Especially as London is a main theme right now ;) You know how dashing that is. So go read, and see if Mr.Wickham say's yes.

Well, I have run out of time, but hopefully will post again soon!


  1. YAY! You're back! :D
    The weather is so beautiful, and EVERYTHING is green, and there's such a nice breeze! LOVE IT! ;D

    So sorry to hear you hurt your leg!


  2. Man I keep forgetting to read it even though I want to. I may have to print it out, do you think the other authoresses would mind. Is authoresses even a proper word..? I wonder.


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