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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Temper and Twitter

What's the connection? Well, this morning-noon-afternoon, I had a raging temper. I was frustrated with something I was trying to do, and my dear brother began to annoy, and annoy,and annoy me. So, I tried to make him leave my room, so I could cool down. Well, closing the door didn't stop him. He proceeded to bang on it for 15 minutes. But , enough about that. I was really angry, needless to say, but this morning I read in "The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life" that once you become conscious of doing wrong, stop right then and confess it, and turn away from , in this case, your temper. Well,  tried to do that, and I was fine for like 5 seconds, but then things kept happening that I allowed to annoy me, so I was back where I started. Soon enough, I made a decision to make a decision. I was going to STOP. So I did. And it worked. Once I made an effort to control myself, I was able to control myself. ;) Then I think HaShem helped me out by putting me into a fit of laughter...about Twitter.
You see, I was cool, calm, and collected, but then my dog tried to chew on a pair of my socks, and I was like, "What is up with this dog?" and then my brother asks in the mist of it, "What'd he do? What'd he do?" And I was like, very sweetly, "WHY do you have to know what he does ALL the time!? I should open him a Twitter account!" And he replied, ever so annoyingly calm, "I want a Twitter account.". That was it. I burst into laughter. First reason- imagine a dog keeping a Twitter account.
Zion says: I just tried to snatch a pair of delicious socks. Dang girl! Going to take a nap.
Then, I imagined my brother having a Twitter account. I thought, who would read it? Ten years from now, you'll be like, "Oh, it's April 20, 3:00, let me read what I was doing ten years ago this day,". Cause he'd be the only one reading it. At his time in life right now, at least.

Anyway, I thought I'd humor you all with this boring story. Do you have a funny temper story to share?

p.s- this definitely goes under the daily life tag ;)


  1. :D Isn't that amazing when that happens?
    I remember trying to help my younger brother with his math, and he was NOT getting it and not trying to get it, but whining and crying and not listening... and I could feel myself just starting to get really fed up with him. I wanted to snap at him so bad, but then I remembered a verse (I think it could have been Rm. 15:5?) I had just read like that morning, and I prayed that His patience would work through me, and I very calmly explained it again and kept on working with him. A couple minutes later my other brother looked at me and said, "How can you stand it?! I could never be so patient!" I laughed out loud, becuase I knew *I* could never be that patient either! That was a while ago, but I always remember it because it was just such a clear and immediate answer to prayer!

  2. Lol, funny story!
    I ALLOW my siblings to annoy me many times, too, and that is usually when my temper issues arise :) I'm definitely working on my patience and self-control though, hehe.


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