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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Do you ever have a favorite word or phrase, that for a time you use constantly? For instance, when I think something is humorous, but I don't laugh, I say, "That's hilarious." It's one of my favorite phrases. Another example is this- let's say you stub your toe, step on a thumbtack, hit your head, try to lift something impossibly heavy, or something like that, it makes you want to exclaim. But what?! Usually people, at those times in their lives, exclaim curse words or other such forms of expression bad things. But, since I don't want like to curse, I make up words, or use old fashioned ones, such as- GOLLY!!!!!!
Yeah, its the word I'm addicted to my new favorite word. When I am not really upset, I like to use-BOLLOCKS!!!!!!  : D
Why am I telling you all this? I really don't know. I thought it'd be humorous and amusing, and I love love love humor, and being amused. And using early 1900's and British "bad words" though I don't think they mean anything.And that's a good thing ;)

I know I haven't done a serious post in a while-it takes a long time for me to process things I feel deeply about into words. But I'll think of something! ;)

Meanwhile, I want to exclaim something. I am not sure that's a word, but the spell check doesn't highlight it. Anyway.....
Please, I don't mean to brag or anything, I just think its really exciting because I've never done this before, but have always intended to. Anyway, I've mentioned Generation Pure before, and I'm happy, supremely happy to announce that the first issue is out!!! Congrats and Baruch HaShem!Check it out and look for my article, called "Really Looking on the Bright Side".
It's a beautiful day today- I have to clean the bathroom then I want to work on some thing's that you'll hopefully hear about soon : D


  1. Congratulations! That's so fun! :D

  2. Congratulations on getting your first article published!!! How exciting. :D


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