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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Ten Picks:Favorite Writers

This is my first (awesome!) time doing Jillian's weekly meme, Top Ten Picks, hosted at Random Ramblings. Isn't that a pretty button?  Anyway, each week there's a different top ten. This week is favorite authors, obviously. To join in just post about your favorite authors and put your link in the linky on her blog. There's no proper way to do it, so don't worry. But before you do, check out her answers by  clicking on the link to her blog. Alright, let's get started with this difficult task. To make it easier, I'm not going to list them in order of greatness. :)

  1. Jane Austen. Is that too obvious? ;) And this is pretty self explanatory :)
  2. Charles Dickens. I mean, the intricate details, personalities, and plots? I don't think there's another author like him. I especially like how long his book The Pickwick Papers is, and yet its a comedy! I love humor, so that book is a dream
  3. Louisa May Alcott. Her books are just so sweet and pleasant. Little Women is a classic, and yet so lighthearted, yet real. That's what I call good writing.
  4. L.M Montgomery. Incredible writer of personalities, humor, and depth of feeling. Because Anne of GG is intense :) A friend of mine has been reading her other books, and now I want to read some more of her work as well. 
  5. Elizabeth Gaskell. Not as well known as my first four, but as good a writer. I'm currently reading Wives and Daughters, and am itching to read Cranford :) 
  6. Martha Finley. Though even less known than the former author, her writing (a series called Elsie Dinsmore, another called Mildred Keith, and if I'm not mistaken some other books) is great for older children, I'd say 8-14, because as the books progress so do the plots and character's. And their ages :) 
  7. Lemony Snicket. goodness. This man is a genius, a literary genius. His writing is so so good-yeah, its all dark humor, or things that might be otherwise thought boring, but his style and way of putting things just makes it a constant laugh. And I love laughing :)
  8. Elizabeth Prentiss. Her book Stepping Heavenward is really really good. It can bring you to tears several times, over and over. You can relate to it, feel with it. Her other books(I'm not sure how many she's authored)  I don't like as much, but they are really good. I read The life and letters of Elizabeth Prentiss(by her husband George Prentiss) and she was really a remarkable lady.The book extremely blessed me.
  9. Bronte sisters. Of course, their books are great, though I have yet to read some of them. 
  10. E.B White. I must say, I love this man's writing. It is so-I can't describe it. I'm yet to read more of his books, but Charlotte's Web and The Trumpet of the Swan brought me to tears, and I must also add I love quoting him. He's said a lot of wise things. 
Welp, there we go! 


    1. Great Choices! I have Alcott and Austen as well, and the Bronte Sisters would probably be my number 11 spot!

    2. Lovely list! Lots of classic stuff here. I read some E. B. White stuff as a kid and quite enjoyed it.

    3. isn't saying the Bronte sister cheating? ;) great list!

    4. Of course I definitely agree with Lemony Snicket. He is an amazing writer; I remember reading 'the series of unfortunate events' when I was a kid, and I was really amazed by how he is able to scare me! LOL


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