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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Top Ten Things-Eudaimonia

This is an awesome topic that Rebecca Jane  hosting a blog party about! Be sure to check out her answers at her blog, Sewing in the Past. All the things she listed make me happy too, its nice to find a kindred spirit, but now I have to think of ten different things ;) Yeah, you have to post ten things that make you happy, then link up at her blog. But you can find out the details there. Let's get started!

Top Ten Things that Make me Happy
1~Being myself, getting to know and like myself better. That makes me happy.
2~ Listening to worship music. I really love music-it makes me happy, but especially worship music.That makes me happy.
3~Finding people that enjoy doing what I enjoy doing. That makes me happy.
4~ Capturing a moment with my camera that I will treasure forever. Those usually are all natural and simple. ;) That makes me happy.
5~Writing something purposeful and from my heart.That makes me happy.
6~ Seeing family I've known for years. That makes me happy.
7~ Typing makes me happy Doing lots of chores when I don't feel like it. That makes me happy-after-wards ;)
8~ Reminiscing. That makes me happy.
9~ Affection from those I love. That makes me really happy.
10~ Quoting, sincerely smiling, laughing, and singing. They are kind of all one for me. They make me really happy. :)

Hope you join in! Make sure to link up  if you do!


  1. Thanks for letting us know about this! I love being happy :) and being happy with other people is even better! :)

  2. Thanks, Katherine: for stopping by the blog and for letting us know about this fantastic blog hop. :)

    In Him,

  3. Getting to know the beautiful girl you are now and the amazing woman you are becoming makes me happy!


    ps: Thanks again for all of your help in making my blog fabulous!


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