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Monday, July 19, 2010

Observations on Becoming~ July 19

I'm a little embarrased. One, because I can't spell embarresed right, and need to use spell check. Second, and most importantly, that I couldn't remember if I was supposed to post my observations on becoming on Sundays, or Mondays. And just my luck, it was Sunday. :p But that's ok, because Sunday and Monday are good posting days for me. Well, if you call posting at 10 o'clock at night "good posting", then it is. Why am I posting so late? (I know no one really care's, but I'm using the question as a bounce-off for my post) Well...

Things aren't always what you expect them to be....
Is what I'm learning this summer. For starter's, I had all these great plans for productivity and "getting things done" kind of plans. Well, half of me did.The other half said, "To trash with the plans! I'm going to relax!" Well, which side do you think won? Comments welcome. 

In friendship too...
My naturally selfish nature, thought that a friendship would be all about ME!!!! Of course, I didn't consciously think that, but I soon found out that friendship isn't about getting my needs met, so consequently I then realized that that is what I thought. Yeah....not a flattering realization. But, as a friend of mine said, it is what it is, and as I say, or have been saying lately, you live and learn, right? Comment's welcome here too. :p

Driving me mad...
Well, I have FINALLY  finished my driving manual. *wipes forehead* Of course, this is only the beginning.I want to read it through a couple more times, and then comes the test, actually learning how to drive, and etc etc until I'm 18 and get my license. Why is it driving me mad? Well it isn't, I'm just mad and going to be driving. Wow, I'm really corny tonight, aren't I? Ok, Ok comments welcome here too...maybe ;)

Starting all over..again..and again...and one more time...
You know when everything just seems so mushed up, from your very days (can't remember what day it is or even what day it was that you forgot what day it was) to your very actions (do something before doing something else regretting it, but still doing it the next day) to your thoughts (one moment thinking of the oil spill, the next thinking of how you have a burn on your finger from making fried chicken in oil) to your words (forgetting what you're going to say, stuttering, and then bursting into laughter) to your whole confused demeanor. Yeah, I don't know why I've been like this, but I kinda like it- takes the stress out of things.And it makes things more carefree and summery. Yeah, I know, you're thinking, "What?!" But don't worry, I'm a control freak at heart, so it won't be long until I'm doing none of the above. :P I joke, I joke.

Well, there are my startling, incredible, thought provoking observations on becoming! What's the main thing I've learned? Its not about me. And to keep an eye on the calendar so I can actually remember what day it is.


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  1. Wow, you can't get your license until you're 18? What state has such a law? Even in Massachusetts it's 16. Well, I hope the whole process is easier than you expect. Getting your license can be a bear!


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