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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Observations on Becoming~ July 4

 Hello everyone! Two Monday's ago I said I was going to do something new last Monday. But I didn't get to it. And that was a good thing because I had this idea today. Every Sunday I'll post my most recent Observations on Becoming! If you are not clear on what observations on becoming are, an observation is a-well, the definition is under the word on my header. And so-well, the header is pretty explanatory. Me and getting into unnecessary things! That reminds me about this post....Introducing, observations on becoming.  (p.s-there will probably be a banner to go along with it...just have to make it, hee hee)

Men of reputation. These words were found in this weeks Parashah portion, Pinchas. It was talking about the tribes, and it mentioned Korach and his “assistants”, calling them “men of reputation”. Isn’t that interesting? Obviously, they were men of bad reputation. But, if you notice, it doesn’t say so there. I think that’s because when you have a reputation, its because you’re making yourself known. You’re making yourself noticed, forming an active idea (reputation) of the way people view you. So is reputation really something to be sought, whether its good or bad? Because then you have to live up to it or live it down, and neither leaves room for change and growth.

Perfectly imperfect. Some women, in literature, and perhaps even in real life, have the feminine power of charming and appearing without flaw-though they may often be very honest with their faults, that’s the very thing that makes them appear less faulty. How is this? I think its because, as Helen Andelin discusses in her books, A Fascinating Woman/Girl, the quality of child-likeness (part of which is innocence or exaggerated guilt) is attractive to men, and indeed most people of each gender. Hopefully I will be re-reading Helen’s book soon, and doing a chapter by chapter synopsis, and then you will better be able to understand what I’m talking about. J

Wordle is absolutely cool. I love words and randomizing them with color, layout, and etc delights me. My next step is to print some out. 

Sometimes my life feels unproductive and useless. I get overwhelmed by the million and one things that have to be, should be, could be, and I want to be done. How do we sort this all out? How do we shove past the unnecessary to the necessary? How do we determine what we should and shouldn’t be concerned about? Because sometimes its not clear. I think we can only ask for G-D’s guidance and our parent’s advice. Both I have found and will find useful.

 People are always looking for a quick fix, simple supplement, easy cover up, substitution, or even a distraction. For the work that has to be done. For the wounds that are opening wider and wider. For the hurt and destruction that is staring them in the face. For the consequences of choices, for the loss of dignity, for the inconvenience of taking responsibility. But all the cover ups and etc.etc.etc- slip away, fall away, and tear off at the slightest rustle or ruffle. But, unfortunately, the smallest ruffles and rustles are often ignored. It’s the big waves, it’s the rips, the pulls, the ginormous tugs that get those wounds to reopen completely so that they can be properly treated and healed. Get the courage, get the determination, get the discipline, get the faith, and do it.


  1. Hmmmmm interesting observations! It's been a while since I stopped by... hope all is well

  2. Interesting... thoughtful... thanks for posting! :)

  3. That crazy lady you live with and I were just talking about the subject of your last paragraph. :) She's cracking the whip on me. Ha!

    Oh we so want things to be easy. We often see successful people and want what they have, but the reality is that we aren't willing to do what they did to get it (which is work their tail off and keep going no matter what). I am grateful that I've grown enough to realize I have to do the work and not just wish for the results. I want to live by your last sentence.

    You are a million steps ahead of where I was at your age. YAY YOU!!



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