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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to Blogging & Laughter is the Best Medicine!

Yes! Thank the L-rd! :) Blogger hasn't been letting me post-when, ironically, I most want to. So I put my editor back to the old one, instead of the updated one, and I am now able to post. Yay!

Today I have something really fun to post! The lovely Rebecca is having another blog parade! Her last one was Eudamonia, total fun, and this one is totally fun as well!

The rules are- tell a funny story on your blog, then link up on hers! You can do a post for each of the days (Today, tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) or on one, or two, or three, or just some of the days. But you can only do one post a day for the parade. Then link up! Oh, and guess what?! There's a totally awesome giveaway TOO! Check out what you might win :) Link up for each post you do, and each post counts as an entry to win!

One of my cousins moved to the country last year. We went to visit him one day, but my parent's found that we were soon lost. We called my aunt and she directed us, and then we tried to find our way there again. On our way, we passed a Sheetz, made a few jokes about its weird name, and moved on. There was beautiful scenery and great conversation full of laughter. Eventually we were on a hill going downwards. We saw another Sheetz and rolled with laughter as we joked about it being the same Sheetz we passed a few minutes before. It was.

I hope that story made you laugh as much as it does me. As Count Olaf says, played by Jim Carrey in the movie, A Series of Unfortunate Events, "Imagine my surpreese!"

That's all for this post! I hope to post some more funny stories for the blog parade. For now I have to catch up on some posting now that I'm able to post again! :)


  1. Getting lost with people of good spirits is a blast! My little family has lots of good memories of getting lost together.

    We always laugh about a sandwich they have that someone told us about: The Sh-monster. Apparently it's a heart-attack on a roll.


    ps: I am so loving my blog!

  2. Hahahaha it was the same sheetz! That's hilarious!!!


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