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Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Rainy Day in July

"When it rains it pours"

At least, when you're only looking at the rain. But...

"The sun is always shining"

Did you know the sun is always shining? Literally? Rain and storms are only passing clouds-the sun is always shining above. If you're looking from above, instead of from below. Heavenly perspective,anyone?

It is easy to view situations and circumstances as if we are victims of it. But we can choose how we will look at things and by our behaviors, how they will affect us. We can trust in HaShem or we can worry. We can try to be cheerful and look on the bright side, or throw a sullen or pity party. We can believe that "all things work out for good" or we can doubt and fear and 'hope for the worst" ;)
Choices, choices

Its so hard. I won't pretend. I believe it really takes prayer,dedication to change our mindset, and perseverance and endurance. To what? To make a choice. To make the right choice. These attitude and perspective, though they may seem too difficult or unimportant, they-for lack of better wording at the moment, "make up the fabric of our lives". All my quoting makes me think of another quote that says "quotation is a substitute for wit" or something like that :p I think you get it.

On a lighter note, its been raining almost non-stop today. Which is great because its been so humid and HOT. Hopefully it will cool down now. :):):)
The Laughter is the best medicine" parade has been postponed, just so you all know, in case you were thinking of doing it.
I think I have no other news to I will conclude :)

Shalom u'vracha! (Peace and blessings)


  1. Great post! That is so cool to think about the sun always shining & you can see it if you look from above...

  2. Very nice I like that! I was so happy with the rain yesterday. Me and mommy sat on the swing enjoying it. But then it got too wet so we had to go inside. I was sad when it stopped.

  3. I remember about 6 years ago I had the same realization about gray clouds and the blue sky. I realized that the sky is always blue, we just can't always see it. ;)

    I really enjoyed the rainy Saturday. Stu and I shopped and got wet, came home and watched a Harry Potter marathon the rest of the day. It really made me look forward to autumn, snuggled on the couch.



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