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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Observations on Becoming~ August 29

"Well, hello there Sunday! Rather early, isn't it?"
"I was just about to say the same to you," replied Sunday, looking dark and grumpy.
"Ha ha. Well, you know I haven't been myself lately-without even myself knowing why, recently. Of course, there were reasons before, but last week-let's just say I solved a mystery."
"Do I look as if I care much about your mysteries? Shouldn't you be in bed?"
"Well, well, well, for someone who says he doesn't care much about my mysteries, you are surely very nosy!"
"No need to get all defensive-you know that its late, and if your so keen with mysteries you'd have figured out that I'm tired. I've been used so much by you lately," Sunday complained, letting out a yawn.
"Well, I can't help it if the weeks are flying by for me! With so much to do-"
"Are you speaking from inside your head? Because I haven't sensed any productivity or accomplishment when I come around."
"You do realize you come after Shabbat, don't you, Sunday? Its not like I'm particularly keen on work on a Saturday night."
"No need to stick your nose in the air again-but really, what has gotten in to you?"
"Besides experienceing my first official grieving period? And having other..personal family problems, not to mention *cough* monetary problems."
"What are you getting all mysterious about? Of course I know all about that. But its not the end of the world-and you're usually so chipper. There's something else, isn't there?"
"Well, I don't profess to be perfect-I have a good, decent amount of my own personal *cough* personal emotional/mental problems."
"Mental problems? You don't say? You wouldn't happen to be going insane, now would you?"
"I don't know. I really don't know...All I know is that I'd like a getaway, or a week of straight sleep and brainwash-one or the other, at least! But heaven known none of those are possible."
"Come now, don't sigh. You rest on Shabbat, don't you?"
"More like distract myself. I feel nearly distracted half the time. I know part of it has got to do with the mystery I solved today, but I know part of its not. I think I'm just tired out-or experiencing a fit of extreme laziness.But that's not likely..."
"Nooo...of course it isn't."
"Why are you smiling!?"
"Me!? Smiling?! Never! You know I'm downright concerned!"
"Sure. You know, I think I'll talk to Monday. She'll know how I feel-people hate her so much that she has plenty of time to think, all by herself, without having to take care of people, since they avoid her. She'll know what its like to be out of sorts for long periods of time. You-well, you're just GRUMPY! Until sun rise, that is. Then you're just a ball of sunshine! Unconcerned about anyone-anything-about my feelings! And you say you're here to help me ease into the week-well you just poke fun at my problems-after snapping at me!  "
"Now, what are ya stomping off for-Agh, whatever. No one asked her to be up this late anyway. She should know I'm grumpy at this time...."
"Oh and another thing- don't be so eager to arrive next week-I'm going to be prolonging my week with WORK! Then we'll see who's been most productive!"


  1. (I love the way you have a conversation with Sunday in your post...)

    Hope everything gets better - believe me, I really do understand how you feel. Keep going, and don't be terribly hard on yourself either.


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