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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Top Ten Picks:Favorite Male Literary Character's and Top Ten Favorite Books of all Time

*i'm using my mother's computer so no top ten picks picture :p*

Another Top Ten Picks  topic, hosted and created by Jillian at Random Ramblings. I didn't get to do last weeks, so I'm doing it, since I found out you can do past topics and still link up-on the specific topic's post! :) So I'm going to do Top 5 of this topic, and Top 5 of this weeks topic, which is Top Ten Favorite Books of All Time.

  1. Gilbert Blythe. Anne's longtime secret (or maybe not so secret) admirer-er, a one in a thousand young man, and of course he must be good looking, or else Josie Pye wouldn't have bothered, I'm sure. :p If you don't know who Gilbert is, you MUST read the Anne of Green Gables series, by L.M Montgomery. Not just for him, of course. *secretly grins*
  2. Klaus Baudelaire. I like Klaus for one reason and one reason only. His amazing ability to read thousands (or was it hundreds?) of books and remember their contents. Jealous I am, you say? No, I am an admirer-er. :) And of course, any of the three Baudelaire children can be admired for their capabilities and their extreme endurance during a series of unfortunate events.
  3. William Sullivan from The Lamplighter. "He's a dream!" is a phrase that can be used to basically describe Willie. But of course he's only a dream because he has a deeper foundation of character, love, and he is always himself. The Lamplighter  is not a well known book. Its one of those things I marvel at-how can people not have read or heard of this lovely, fascinating, awesome book? So I've taken it upon myself to spread the word. Find this at your library, or an online bookstore (even amazon). If not, listen to it for free at Librivox
  4. Mr.Knightley from Emma. who doesn't have an Austen man on their list? :p Mr.Knightley has been my favorite since I saw the 1995-6 movie adaptation of Emma. When I saw the (2009?2010?) version it was cemented. His sense of humor is, I think, what makes us so perfect for each other :p Joking aside, Mr.Knightley is such a true gentleman, and has so much character (and not such a bad judge of it either;) he is really admirable. You see, I often ask three questions when considering characters. 1-If I met them in real life, would I like them or admire them the same? 2-If they are imaginary (as in fanciful, for example, character's in Alice in Wonderland), do they have a point to their lightness? 3-Are they handsome or intelligent? or both? :p ok that last one is doubtful, but nonetheless, in Mr.Kinghtley's case I can answer the first and third question quite satisfactorily.
  5. Edmund Pevensie. I have always ( I think) liked Edmund because he made a mistake, was forgiven, and learned his lesson so so well. Once he got over his faults, he made for quite a nice young man, adding some wisdom to his brother and sisters. 
Now for my Top 5 Favorite Books of all Time

  1. Elsie Dinsmore. I am just so attached to the Elsie Dinsmore series, but the first one especially. This is the book that  got me into reading, and I can't be grateful enough to Martha Finley for that. 
  2. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. This book just fascinates me. Brings me to tears, to laughter, and  back to reality, yet lifts me to the heavens. It is so versatile in its age group, and the moral point is just so mind-blowing (if you're a christian or messianic).
  3. Sense and Sensibility. I'm getting to feel I should add a label just for this book because I'm constantly mentioning it! I cannot stop saying how much I love this book. I connect to the character's, I love the plot- I could go on and on. But I think it's enough to add it to this list.
  4. The Lamplighter. I obviously cannot stop mentioning this book. I think its simply wonderful. It really is. Its really really is.A story about a girl, a generous man, a friendly boy,and basically-when people touch each others lives.  What could be better?
  5. The Pickwick Papers. Humor has to be my second favorite genre in any category. I cannot get enough. And I won't even add a yet to that. "A day without laughter is a day wasted". Well, during your reading of this book, no day will be wasted. Its the ultimate classic comedy. A must read for humor-lovers. 
There's my five of each! Go link up before the next topic comes!


    1. Yeah, Mr. Knightly is a good character. I like Elsie Dinsmore as well.

    2. Great lists. :) I liked Elsie Dinsmore more for the drama than anything else. She was too perfect for me I like a character that can yell at someone and not feel guilty about it later. :D I was going to put Klaus on my list for pretty much the same reason you did only I am a bit jealous. :D


    I appreciate your presence. Feel free to share your opinions and perspectives in good spirit! :)