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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Character Connection:Thomas (Tommy) Beresford

Hosted by the lovely Jen at The Introverted Reader, Character Connection is a way to weekly write about the character's that you connect to or love, or both, in whatever way you want. Sounds like fun, eh? So let's get to it...

Earlier this week I read The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie, the first in her Tommy and Tuppence series. My friend here connected to Tuppence this week, and when thinking of who I'd connect to, I remembered how much I like Tommy and how he and I are alike.

Tommy Beresford is often described with words such as slow, thoughtful, factual,thorough,  sensible, or described as doing things such as thinking things through, doing things thoroughly, bringing up the facts, or being realistic. I personally admire these attributes, and feel sympathy for how people (in the book I mean) sometimes view Tommy, because he is so slow. I feel sympathy for him because I'm often thought of as slow, and negative (when I bring up the facts or obstacles) and I am perhaps too thoughtful at times. I cannot claim to be very thorough, but anyway.... :p So I connected to Tommy not only because I could sympathize with him, but because I liked how everyone realized that his slowness was valuable, very valuable. Perhaps one day that will happen to me  :p I jest, fellow readers, I jest.


  1. aWesome!!! Tuppence's connection has a partner!!! Hahaha, great analysis as it were. I actually was going to say how much I feel I'm like Tuppence but then I realized I was using adjectives like clever, independent, adventurous, strong etc. and thought people might think I was being conceited. :P

  2. Oh, we get a matching pair this week! Great! So it sounds like Tommy probably keeps Tuppence anchored a little? A necessary but often under-appreciated role, as you point out.

  3. Hey Katherine! It's Kate from A Tent for the Sun and The Parchment Girl (which you probably already figured out, but I thought I'd officially announce the launch of my new book blog). Thanks for adding my button to your site! I love browsing your posts on classic literature. There is such a need for more classic lit bloggers like you! = )


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