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Monday, September 27, 2010

Observations on Becoming (late)~September 27

SO I've been waiting for this joyous holiday for quite some time now-since Rosh Hashana. Why? Well I've felt so much joy and I've had to bottle it up until Sukkot, so that I'd have enough to last me. :) You know, that's the thing about joy-its strong but in it's highest degree, whatever that may be for each individual, it rarely lasts very long. :p Yes, true, deep, inner joy is always inside of us-sometimes deeeeeeeeep down, but it has to be true to always be there. :) And so speaking of it not lasting very long, it didn't. I guess bottling up doesn't work. >_<
Anyway!! Sukkot is the anniversary of Yeshua's birth, the celebration of the new season and harvest (autumn) and a time to remmeber that we're only temporary dweller's in this world-everything is temporary.
What are you holding on too tight to in your life, that you need to let go of this new year? Or at this time in your life?
For me-I don't know what I need to let go of just yet. But I do know it is time to start some new things. Like a job to get my photography off the ground, and outside activities like volunteer work. Yuppers. :) 

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  1. YAY YOU, you've already accomplished one of your goals!!!!!!!!!!!!! "A job to get my photography off the ground." Congrats! I'm very glad that God put us into each other's lives to scratch each other's backs! God is so smart and so surprising! I pray that I can be of further service to you and to your dreams coming into being.

    Take more and more photographs. Train hard. Read blogs and books about photography. Keep taking Ariana's photographs. Keep doing all the other stuff you do. And before you know it......HARVEST BABY!

    Plant those seeds mama.



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