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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Constantly Swinging

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Long story short, I wasn't able to put my signature on the photo, please excuse the weird title and do not copy the picture. :) 
One day, I'll be sitting on a bench (preferably a swinging bench like the one above-I love swings) with my besheret (soul mate, the one G-D has chosen for me), laughing and loving and being happy. But for now, my job is to save myself-emotions, thoughts, body, and love, for him. 

It's no coincidence that there are thousands of teen pregnancies, and that when people hit the teen years they begin to be interested in the opposite sex. This is a time of physical and mental development, and a time of hormones and what not, really. :p It becomes critical to have physical and emotional boundaries, because though we are becoming adults, we are not fully matured mentally or physically. (Of course there are exceptions now and then-but I'm speaking generally, and as usual, from my experience and opinion :p)

It is important as young ladies to know what we want in a husband, and have an idea of what G-D wants for us to have in a husband. Anyone who doesn't "fit the bill", if I'm saying that correctly, shouldn't be given a second thought as an eligible mate. And those who we think are or might be eligible, we need to be very careful with ourselves that we don't start making our own plans or giving our hearts away, because unless we're absolutely sure that G-D's pointed out the one, we never know. Mr.Darcy, or should I say, Jane Austen, was perfectly right-
"A lady's imagination jumps from admiration to love, and from love to matrimony in a moment."

We need to guard our thoughts. I cannot emphasize this enough. In all my purity posts, I always place the greatest importance on thoughts. That's where everything begins. Remember, its natural to feel attraction and etc, but that doesn't mean we should run with it. 
And with all the advertising and influences out there to date and go with your physical attractions and emotions, its hard to stay focused. Focused on saving ourselves, on worshiping HaShem with all our hearts, soul, and might, and on preparing ourselves for our futures.

What is a besheret? Its your soul mate! Yes, there is such a thing! You cannot just marry anyone-G-D has set apart a person for you and you for a person. A match made in heaven, a divine match, meant to be, perfect for each other-all those expressions are true and possible. We have to wait for the person that makes them actual.
There's a person who's personality, calling in life, likes and dislikes, passions and dare I say it, looks, compliment and match ours. Yes, there will be differences, but they are to be worked out, not given up on. No two people are exactly alike. In my family, it is our belief that in a marriage, there must be complete agreement in politics,parenting, religion, and all those important fundamental principals and issues. Now whether he likes broccoli and you don't really doesn't matter. :p

Don't give up-in marriage, before marriage- it will sometimes be as hard in a relationship as it is waiting for one. There is no savior or salvation from natural life problems. No escape-we are constantly being molded and changed-developed and matured. We are and always will be constantly becoming.

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