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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Observations on Becoming~ Nov. 7

Spanish seasoned chicken is frying and I'm here wandering about the kitchen waiting for a good time to write this weeks post. You know how food is- so needy but so needed. :p I'm actually having a pancake for breakfast since I don't eat meat and there's left over batter. I do eat meat once in a while, especially recently- when there's nothing else substantial to eat. Basically under special circumstances. But I still feel the same way I did almost a year ago now. This year has passed so fast that sometimes looking back it seems like it was yesterday but at the same time it seems like ages ago.
It also seems that for the first time on my life I can look back to this time last year and even earlier thus year and say that I have grown and changed in a positive way.
This season of my life is full of so many different experiences and so much anxious anticipation (not to mention stress and frustration). Now that I'm caught up in school and have re-read the drivers manual (wish there was one of those for my life) I'm aiming at completing my graduation project (wish it didn't have to be a long term thing...ah,wishes....) and getting my permit. I'm also hoping to get a job so I can tend to some monetary things and get backup money for my photography.
A recurring topic in my brain is whether I should go to college straight out of high school or take a year to focus on my photography business as I haven't been able to do. I am 99.9% sure that I'm gonna take a year- the 1% missing in that calculation is the fear that my decision will be wrong. Bit if I do what I know is in my heart (and if I actually listen to my mom) I'll take a year to pursue my passion and then get a degree in secondary English teaching, because I know that that's something I want to do- I feel called to do. Prayers would be appreciated!!!
As long as I pursue love and keep in Him, I shouldn't take these things so seriously... Time flies by so fast, and though decisions do change and direct our lives, HaShem is sovereign and ultimately- everything happens for the best. Three words- FACT, FAITH, FEELING.



  1. Great post! If you feel so strongly towards taking a year to work on your love of photography, then go for it! :)

  2. Thanks so much Shelley!

  3. The way you write makes me happy!! :)

  4. I do hope you post a picture of you "behind the wheel" when you get rolling! :-) I am looking forward to seeing that. I am also looking forward to see how your choices unfold for the next year with school.

    I Love Ya Girla!


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