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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Observations on Becoming~Nov.28

There's so many thoughts I've ha and wanted to share, some revelations as well. But as sometimes happens, when I don't write them down right away I forget them. Or sometimes there's so much I process or think about my mind just goes into overload and I can't think about anything 'deep' very cognicently. But I am ready to write. I've been waiting and waiting for the perfect moment to come- which is basically when I feel inspired. It's actually funny what has inspired me to write- I saw a drawing of a little cartoon character watching the rain out the window and I wanted to write. But it's taken me a couple of days to get to this post.
Joyce Meyer once said-"Self pity is compassion reflected on yourself." I'm paraphrasing here. The instant I heard this I knew it was true; and what's more it was extremely true for me. Even in my childhood I would have pity parties while on the floor of my room cleaning. Of course, everyone is familiar with pity parties and what they entail :) Anyway, that was a revelation for me. I must admit though-I an still deep into self pity-it is one of my 'most inclined' faults. The way I try not to RSVP to a pity party (when I remember not to :p) is to find someone else to be compassionate toasted or something to do that will bless someone else. I got that concept from Louisa May Alcotts book "An sold Fashioned Girl". Polly, the heroine of the story, was feeling bad for herself because she was not rich and popular like the city girls. But while she was siting on the steps thinking about herself, she remembered that her mother always said to do something for someone else when she was feeling sad and it would bring her out of herself. :)
With that preface- something that I have been personally experiencing is that there is pity and there is compassion. Well that is to sat, I have come to a place in my life where pity is feeling bad for myself or another person in a negative way- it makes me feels negative, act negatively, and think negatively. Compassion, on the other hand, moves you in your soul, uplifts you, and moves you towards positive action or positive letting go. I have realized something that I never thought about before- you can't stay on relationships because you either pity yourself and think you have no friends or love, or because you pity the person you're in relationship with and don't want to hurt their feelings. Those are wrong motives for doing anything really-obviously this is more relevant to relationships. :)
One thing that I try to keep in plain sight when it comes to my relationships is-yes, the other persons feelings are important-they're people too-but that's no reason to sacrifice my peace,self respect or dignity, and authenticity. That's why it's important to approach relationships, not from a place of lack but from a place of confidence and humility. But I think that's enough on this aspect of the topic-I could go on and on... :)
Well I must end this post- I promise the surprise will be up soon-though I must warn you-it will most likely be not so surprising :p

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