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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today is Tuesday

And what does that signify? Nothing, except that I couldn't come up with a more engaging title. :\ But hopefully the content of this post will make up for me playing the role of Captain Obvious... :)

There's an absolutely lovely giveaway in celebration of the approaching spring that Hannah's hosting on her blog Aspire!!!  

75 / 365
(this time last year)

The weather has been so temperamental-its sunny but cold, its cloudy but it was warm- it's annoying, is what it is. Hopefully March can make up it's mind soon... I don't mind gloomy weather very much but it's rather disappointing when one day you hope spring is here and the next there's that little snowflake symbol glaring at you when you look at the weather forecast for "the week ahead".

I miss my old life-you know, the one where I was care free. Well, I was never care-free, but I was more stress free. :) But, as is completely unexpected normal, (and extremely frustrating at times) the circumstances of my life have changed and it's a new adventure. I only hope I can learn how to live and enjoy it as much as I did former years.
 I often wonder-what is it that made that life so gloriously pleasant? There was nothing extraordinary happening, in fact, everything was rather ordinary. But, as humans have discovered before me, simple pleasures often bring so much more joy then we give them credit for. 

(from summer 2009)

I will add that the weather is contributing to my state of mind. :p These "good times" I miss were all in the warm months. *hinthint* ;) 
Enough dreariness! :) Check out the giveaway if you're interested. If you're not, you  might be, after you check it out. I love commas. ;) 



  1. Beautiful pictures as always. :D I'm definitely ready for spring now. :D

  2. Thank you so much for reblogging the Aspire Giveaway, featuring my necklaces! I love your blog <3 Following!


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