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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life is Sweet

Life Is Sweet

A meme hosted by the wonderful Ara at Shilah. :)

  • Life is incredibly sweet when you are dearly missing a dearly beloved friend, and then find that you'll soon be seeing her. :) 
  • Life is incredibly sweeter than sweet when you see said friend and others at a lovely gathering for Rosh Chodesh. 
  • Sweetness is injected into the blood of life when you are surrounded by friends and family that love you, bless you, and seem to be there when you need it most. From the best friend that comforts you with the indescribable blessing of companionship, though not in person, to the 13 yr old cousin that makes you laugh till you can't anymore...
  • Sweet is life when you  experience new things. Small, but significant. :) 
  • Life is sweet when you are constantly pleased by a book you're listening to or about to read... YAY!!
  • Life is sweet when you have to hurry to study yet sneak in some time for a post full of sweet love. :) 

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  1. Beautiful wonderful post, and so right in all departments. :D That reminds me of some things I need to do today. :P Anyway great picture to go with it, you are amazing with a camera.


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