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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Society & Boys,

Who are you Society? Well, you're me. You're the next door neighbor. You're that blogger girl I follow. You're that one person I met. We are society. I have the power to send out a message.They have the power to send out a message. Whether it's to friends and family and people in their life, or to the world at large via social media. I mean, without people, there'd be no society. So how do we fight you, Society? The standards, the bar, the ruler, the influence, the pressure? I think we should change. You know, us little people that are apparently separate from the world at large. We should change our perspectives, we should get the message out there as persistently and consistently and as powerfully as social media does. Tell our friends. Tell our family. Tell that one blogger girl and the next door neighbor. That they are beautiful and perfectly imperfect just the way they are, and that no one can define them much more. Live it and love it and show it until we become what people refer to as "society". Humanity is bigger than it's problems. At least for now...

Oh boys. You boys. You fascinating creatures. Please, please, discover a mission to occupy yourself with until you seriously want to get into a serious relationship to enter a serious marriage. Otherwise, it's just playing around, and though you may try to hide it, your hearts are as fragile as ours and we must guard and protect each others hearts. Brothers and sisters, we are the next generation. Let's make a strong, healthy one.

 This post was inspired by Cupcake Dictionary's post. :)



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