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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Moon in Leo~ Identity& Self Expression {me,myself,and I}

{I'm currently working on a post talking about the what, how, and why of astrology for me. Until then...}

Flickr is amazing. I was really hoping to find a photo of the Full Moon in Leo aka our current Full Moon. I wasn't meeting with any success, until somehow, I came across this photo and somehow, noticed it had been taken 3 hours ago. In Moscow. How lovely is that? :) The Full Moon isn't exact until tonight though (EDT).

Leo (the Lion) is ruled by the Sun, therefore it's all about the SELF- the pros and the cons of that. Self Expression, Self Love, Self Purpose, Self Interest, sharing of the Self. The Sun is our core, personality, essence, powerhouse. Just like the literal sun shines and gives us light and that light invests into growth (integration), we each have our own essence,powerhouse,and light within us."Light to the world", anyone? :)

So, with this Full(culmination,illumination,realizations,wholeness,completion)  
Moon (feelings,inner selves, cycles) in  
Leo (expressive,fire,playful, dramatic, integration of personal identity), there's quite a powerful energy of illumination going on. :) 
For me, this energy is going on in my 1st house (identity, appearance,the mask you wear with others,how you appear to them, and your personal perspective). 

You could say that I kinda appear to be a Leo. I have big teeth aka a flashing smile, big hair with natural blonde highlights, and honestly, a big forehead. ;) Ironically, those are the three physical features that have drawn the most attention throughout my entire life. And they're the physical traits Leo's are famous for-especially the hair. :)

I smile a lot (I've even been called "Smiley" -_-), and I appear to others to possess firm self confidence (looks can be deceiving) and openness. Last year when I attended my first ever concert with a dear fried of mine, she pointed out the fact (others have noticed) that I can look prideful and arrogant, as if I'm looking down on everyone else (we both agreed that I'm not actually doing that :p).
In other words, I appear to posses the positive and negative traits of the sign of Leo. I haven't accepted that decided if I really do or not... ;) Though I must admit, my underlying reputation for bossiness...not so deceiving. :p

It's still not really clear to me what this Full Moon will bring me...I've curled my infamous hair because I really wanted to (styling hair= Leo 1st house) though I couldn't do it all because I have so much it'd take forever... Leo's can be impatient, and the 1st house is about our appearance, therefore I'm impatient about my appearance. That explains soooo have no idea.
I've just realized I've unintentionally spent a whole post talking about least it's appropriately titled, and I can blame it on the moon! ;) 

I'm feeling self confident, like I'm owning myself, and ready for dramatic illumination- positive please!
Where is drama&illumination (positive or negative) arising in your life? How are you feeling? Sunny? Selfish? Awesome? Where's the Fullness taking place? I'd love for you to share (whether or not you're interested in astrology)!!

p.s- I have a feeling I'll be sharing how I've been enlightened sometime later this week...would you like to find out where this energy is activating in your life? Let me know in the comments... :)


  1. My reactions sometimes don't show up. Very interesting post, I love the bit about you curling your hair. Dunno why, it just seems really nice. :D


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