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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Continuation on Shopping

Here's the imformation about the modest swimsuit. I put the link on the age(under my favorite links). It is maidenofthe king blog. Anyway- she came up with the perfect solution for a modet swim suit. She used a leotard instead of a bathing suit because leotard have sleeves. Then over it she put a tanktop(one that is loose but not too loose so that it falls off easily,but not too tight so that it sticks) And then below the knee shorts(of your choice). Again, it is very hard to find modest swim wear, or modest clothing at all-if you are shooping in the stores. But I think if you are shopping online it is easier. We have rarely had to shop for clothing for me because the L-rd always provided. When ever I would need clothes, baskets or boxes or bags would arrive at our door from family,friends,or neighbors! He still provides-cheap prices,ideas, ect. Modesty is important to G-d, and He will honor your endeavors to please Him by being modest. Because we must do it to please Him! It is not as rewarding to do it for any other reason! Next month we are going to the beach, so I will be posting pictures of that and me in my new swim wear! Ialso hope to be posting more about modesty, because it is a key part of being"all glorious within"!

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