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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New York

We just came back from a four day trip to New York to see family and the sights(of which there are too many for four days). I am going to write the bad things first, then the good things-
Bad things-
It was(is) very hot and muggy
There is so much traffic
There's not the best smell(unless your passing restaurants)
It's too crowded
It's very noisy
There are roaches.Big ones.
Now for the good ones-
We saw the family and all were well.My Grandpa and his wife ,my cousins,my aunt and uncle, and my great grandmother live out there.
We went to-
the Botanic garden of Brooklyn(that's where our family lives) and
the Museum Of Natural History
WE had fun. I will talk about the places another time. I will also be posting pictures of the museum. It was large.
We also went to the Jewish community. It was very nice and there were alot of good stores. We also rode the train to get to and from Manhattan.
So over all we had a good time, except for the fact that we were not feeling good, but hey, we can't focus on the bad things in life.(maybe I should practice what I preach,lol)

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