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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Garden update

Our garden is doing great! It is flourishing and thriving. We saw the first little tomatoes peep out yesterday. So far we haven't used anything from our garden except for flowers(as decor) and some chives. Chives look kind of like grass, and they have an onoiny taste and smell.Chives are bet when fresh, and the best way to store them is to cut and freeze them.We didn't have any onions, so we used chives for our chicken soup. We have been eating alot of soup because we were sick for a week after we came back from New York.
We were worried about our basil for a while, because it was very small and dry, but now it is big and strong.
We also got more flowers for the front of our house and just to put some around the tree and mailbox. I will soon be posting some pictures of the flowers that I took last Monday.

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