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Monday, September 22, 2008

Our growing garden

Our tomatoes are not doing so well,the bugs have moved in.But they are still growing,and we have harvested about 20.We have big beef and Girly girl.
Thyme is growing so nicely.

Our Oregano was drying out,but we put it in the shade and gave it more water,and it is doing great.

These are three basil plants,which were weak when we got them,but Baruch Hashem, they are so strong and big.

This is our sage.It is very beautiful.

These are two Rose of Sharon's, and the one in the middle is Azalea.We got them late in the season, so they didn't bloom for us.But, b'ezrat Hashem, they will next spring.

This is Chives, which we have harvested several times, and it still flourishes.
This is our Lavender. We were afraid it would not grow much, but it is now bigger ,it just needs alot of water.

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