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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chanukkah...light,dreidels,food,dedication,more dreidel...

Well, it's the second, about to be the third day of Chanukkah,B''H, and I hope your having a good one.And many Happy Holidays to all of you who celebrate Christmas or another holiday.
So far, I am the one winning dreidel(cough,cough) , but, of course, as it's only the second(about to be third) day of Chanukkah, I might come out in second place in our family of four, or third place,or fourth place....But let's not look at the "dark side" of things! We have already eaten up our first batch of sufganyot(it was rather small), even though it did not turn out too well.Let's just say, they were flat.But, like I've said before, let's not look on the "dark side" of things!
I will continue to keep you updated on our Chanukkah festivities, and I hope you are all having a festive eight days.
p.s-Posting has been rather scarce, but it's not really first priority, so I'm sure you understand.

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