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Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Little Series on A Love for Literature

A Sketch of the Characters
Introduction to the Girls

Anna Morgan-Emma photo

Mag Carlisle-Northanger Abbey photo

Elizabeth Wells - Pride and Prejdudice photo

Josephine Carlisle- Little Women photo

Nora Cambell-A Room with a View photo

Bethany Carlisle- Little Women photo

Amy Carlisle- Little Women photo

Mrs.Susan Cambell-Little Women photo

- A middle aged lady, refined and cultured, but decidedly old fashioned, had years ago opened an orphanage/ school for girls, which, now closed, the remaining occupants had become to her daughters, though she has one child, Nora, of her early marriage, though she has long since been widowed.

Anna Morgan- (20) A lovely lady like woman, with a secret of lost love, content and useful in assisting her "mother". She enjoys housekeeping, and does the cooking and managing in the home. She lived in many boarding schools and orphanages, but her inability to pay, soon caused them to send her out. Her father had died in war, and her mother of malnutrition, for they lived in the very poor section .

Margaret Carlisle- Mag,(20) as she was known, was a very bright, kind, and encouraging young lady. Often seeming younger than she is, but already recently married, she enjoys teaching the girls at the Womanly Duties Circle of the country school, though the girls have had to take her place. She's longing to become a mother and follow the example of Mrs.Cambell's wisdom. Her and her three younger sisters (Josephine, Bethany, and Amy) became orphans when their parents took a small vacation to India, and caught a disease that took their lives. They lived in the town close to Mrs.Cambell, and she soon heard of them, and took them in.

Elizabeth Wells -
(19) A quiet young lady, though very opinionated, and was not lacking in strength and dignity. She was very intelligent, and read every theological, scientific, religious, and biographical books in the house. She often teaches on these subjects to the students at the country school. The only novels she read were the stories that Jo now and then wrote. She was very reliable, and affectionate. Bethany was her bosom friend, sister, her confidant. They were much alike, and the family often joked of the singularity that the nickname "Beth", was applied to both of them, and in both their names. Her parents died in a boating accident, when she was 13, and she is intended for her cousin, Nathan Lowell, but has not heard from him or her unkind aunt for 6 years.

Josephine Carlisle- (18)
Almost always known as Jo, she is a talkative, yet tactful young lady, a writer and imaginative, though she often spends her time teaching English at the country school. When she was not reading or walking.

Nora Cambell- (16)
A sprightly girl, often called wild in spirits, intended to marry a rich man, and give her mother and sisters all they could desire.Her head wasn't much filled up with beau, though it seemed so. She was a carefree, but capable little lady, and much admired and respected by the gentleman. Too young for any occupation except school, she attended the country school along with Bethany and Amy, and spent her spare time with music, which she had great passion and talent for.

Bethany Carlisle- (15)
Bethany shared Nora's talent for music, but loved , instead, to dance to it. Dancing and the harp were her delights. She loved to help Anna with the house, and was usually the one who baked dessert. She also loved to have and attend parties (dancing ;), and could usually convince "mother" to host one. A busy and happy little lady, she was always sewing and mending.

Amy Carlisle- (12)
The artist in the family, and the youngest, Amy's artwork was in the house, in Mr.Reist's home, and in the school.When she was not drawing or creating, she was studying or gardening with Mrs.Cambell.

To be continued with the Boys....
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