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Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Desires

I thought I'd take the chance of my staying up so late-not being tired- its a sick thing, sick, literally, as in *cough cough*. OK, now that you've got my point, we can get on with it. I thought I'd take the chance to post about some of my wishes, things that I cannot buy, for lack of money or plain ability, and things that I want, that I might or might not ever have. These are in order from first greatest desire, to the list of great material ones. Yes, it is random.

First, on the top of my list, is this. A happy, love filled marriage, a happy home, and above all, closeness to G-d.

Second, I want this. So badly, I have considered working in a public place *almost barfs*, and would go to many means to have it.
And the worst thing is that it not only something I want, it is something I need. For my business, my pleasure- and right now, my sanity. I LOVE taking photos, I love it. And to be able to take crisp, clear, and better ones so easily- is something I can hardly imagine.

Third, I would like to try acting. I always have wanted to , and the desire grows more and more. It is a possibility, and I just want to do it as an experience, a pleasure, and for fun.

Fourth, I want to travel and write. The thing is, I'm called to write-but I don't know if I'm called to travel. I want to go to Montana, England ( Moorland view cottage) , Ireland, Scotland, Spain, perhaps Italy, Israel I don't even have to mention-I'd make aliyah in a heartbeat. Oh, Canada is one, Prince Edward's Island in particular. And Maine.

Ireland (above)

Yes, P.E.I. The land of Anne of Green Gables does exist.

Fifthly, I LOVE accents so much, I wish I had one. I only LOVE- Italian ,British, Irish, Scottish, Australian, sometimes German, and French. All others, I just like.

My Mom is telling me to go to bed, so , Farewell, Goodnight, and Goodbye, until next time...


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  1. Wow, great list. I've got a DSLR Nikon camera on my list too... Especially since our camera is half-broken and only works sometimes. And when it does it takes, er, mediocre pictures at best. Hehe.

    I used to act and sing a lot when I was younger. I took voice lessons and was in an acting school headed up by a Christian woman and her husband who had worked on broadway (she as an actor he a pianist). Acting sure is an experience! It's mostly hard work, aching backs, and standing for hours on end during rehearsals until your feet go numb, but when you get close to the show adrenaline starts to kick in and the finished product is worth it. The best plays are musicals though because the energy on stage is so great that usually by 10 minutes into the play you forget there is even an audience and you just get to run around stage, singing, dancing, and having a blast with the cast. = )

    Ah, travel! I've had the travel bug too. I've never traveled all that far from home–not even to the western US, but I do spend a lot of time traveling within the eastern states. I always travel to Florida every winter to live with my grandparents for a month and spend 1-2 months in Boston every year with them when they migrate there for the summer. I also occasionally travel to Detroit, Chicago, and Acadia National Park to be with family. In the last few years I've had to travel a lot to go see Lyme doctors in Ohio, D.C., etc. I love traveling and I think I would die of boredom if my entire life were spent in my overstuffed suburban town, but traveling for 2-3 months out of every year makes me appreciate home more! By the end of a month away from home I just want to crash into my bed, check my mail, make food in my own kitchen, etc. A tip for if you ever travel a lot: take a train or drive to US destinations or take a freight/boat overseas. It's a lot longer trip, but flying is the worst hassle in the world, it's unhealthy (the radiation you are exposed to during one flight is the equivalent of multiple CAT scans, plus planes are essentially metal tubes filled with germs), and you don't get to see anything along the way. Plus, if you're unlucky enough to run into severe turbulence or an air pocket which is very common, you'll regret ever stepping foot on a plane. I have to fly to go most places (except I drive to Boston) and it has to be at the top on my list of least favorite things to do.

    Phew, boy did I ramble! Hehe. I hope you get all the things you wish for!


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