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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Short Answers Jan. 26

Today's Short Answers were fairly...short.So here we go-remember, my Short Answeree is my little girl cousin Angelique. Anyway, let's go.

How do you think the computer was invented?
Probably with glass- oh ,not glass because if you fall it will break- but with- not metal- with plastic for the screen and keypads for the letters and numbers. And all around the board is plastic and metal. And also there is a charger.

What does " equanimity" mean?
I don't know
Just take a guess.
I have no guess

Do you remember where you were this time 6 years ago?
Umm..oh wait. 6 years ago, maybe it was.. here.
Here? (meaning my house)
Uhuh.Remember? I basically always come here when my mom has (goes on a list of stuff her mom does-including getting shots?)

How long does it take to grow up?
Um, I don't know. Probably 8-9 -10 months or years- or even days- not days, or you'll be grown up by then.

What did they use for light before there was electricity?
Um- they used to-use candles.

She's a little too smart for these question- she might be smarter than a fifth grader- do they use 1st graders for that show? ( rhetorical question *cough cough*) No Mcklinky=no participants. That's okay- I don't do Short Answers for the people as much as I do it for personal amusement.

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