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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 Choosing to Wait Purity Challenge

Lexi from Choosing to Wait has begun the 2010 Purity Challenge.

"Hey everybody and welcome to the first week of the 2o10 Purity Challenge! I am so excited to see where God takes this movement and I hope to see lots of the guys out there joining in!

The idea of the challenge is to get teens across the country to join in and share our hearts waiting on God to bring our spouses. We want to encourage our teen generation to go beyond the expectations of the world around us and lift each other up in prayer to live by God's standards - to be holy, pure and perfect. None of us can do it alone - but together we can help keep each other accountable and remind each other how blessed it will be on our wedding day to stand before God, our family and friends having our hearts pure being given to our spouses. We can each be that unopened gift on our wedding days and experience our first kiss right there knowing it was saved for a moment such as this.

Each week I will post on purity and give you ideas on how to encourage your friends to remain pure with you. I will share some of my favorite books on purity too. Each week my parents and I will read the posts and select one winner. The winner will receive either a purity t-shirt, necklace or ring (this is open for BOYS too). We want to see godly men rise up and say no to encourage all the girls out there reading to wait because God is preparing your godly knight just for you!

Rules are as follows:

#1 Share a link to each week's purity challenge post and add the purity challenge button to your sidebar/post.

#2 You write your own purity post and encourage others to join the challenge and then link it back to my weekly post.

#3 Your post must include your personal commitment to remaining pure and tell us why it is important to you to wait.

#4 Please include bible verses to encourage others that read your blog - we want to hear what God is speaking to your hearts and share His truths about purity, living a sanctified life and waiting on Him to deliver what is good in your life. Share what it means to live by faith.

#5 Share videos of songs that encourage you to remain pure. Share your photos, poems, etc - let's see your talents that glorify God and His awesome love for us!

Feel free to use the purity challenge graphic in your posts too.

Most importantly let us give this month to God and watch Him work in and through our commitment to drawing closer to Him - shining His light into the world and rising up others for His glory!

Join the Purity Challenge!!


P.S. To win a prize for each week’s challenge you must have your post up by Thursday night at 9pm and linked to Monday’s post. Tomorrow I will share an article I read over 2 yrs ago that set me on fire to wait on God and Him alone to bring my spouse!"

You can find that first post on the sidebar under "Lovely Posts" at the top right. I am short in time, so I will just give the links to my previous posts on Purity, just for this week.

Keeping Your Heart Pure:Introduction

Keeping Your Mind Pure

Going Against the Current

Purity Conclusion

Join the challenge!!!!!!!


  1. AWESOME Katherine!! Thanks for being a part of this! =D

    Jesus Hugs,

  2. Katherine - thank you for joining in the challenge.

    I am Lexi' Mom and I look forward to reading your personal story and commitment to Christ and God's best for you!

    Blessings and grace,
    Mrs. Samter
    PS I will be praying over you this month!


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