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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh, I forgot to Mention...

Since I've changed my blog name and look, I haven't written a post exactly explaining why I changed my name, why I chose Observations on Becoming, and etc.

And yesterday, I forgot to mention that today is my 2 year Blogaversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so thankful for all my readers, and comments. I'm pretty sure I would have deleted this blog a long time ago if no one had taken the time to read my words and think them worthwhile. SHALOM AND BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know bloggers usually have some kind of event to celebrate their anniversaries, but I haven't had time or thought to conjure something up, especially as there are already so many parties going on. So I'm just going to post about why I changed my name and all. :):):)

Akeret haBayit in Training was a breakthrough name for me-I had gone through so many, and this one was "the one". But earlier this year, I got to thinking that though I loved my blog name, it didn't really encompass all my blog was about, or really the main point of it. Yeah, I am an akeret habayit in training-learning to keep my home and be the foundation of it, when I have one. But that's not all I'm doing. And really I barely posted about that *blushes* I mostly posted about nonsense or my latest discovery in life-my latest revelation or what's been on my mind, about life.
But not just any kind of life- a life of living, learning, and becoming who HaShem has created me to be. I'm unique, but I'm still developing myself. Which is really a lifetime process, but there are times in your life when you develop more than others, and I think your teen-young adult years is one of those times, naturally.
As you see under the word becoming in the header, there's a word by word definition, which I complied myself from several different online dictionaries, because I wanted to really get across what I mean by becoming.

The word observations is pretty self explanatory as I've said before, but let me expound a bit. All my life I have been an observer, a philosopher. Like Mary Bennet in Pride and Prejudice *wink* But anyhow, that's how I've always viewed my musings and pondering's, and that's why I chose observations, instead of musings or pondering's *another wink*

Well, ladies, that's all! I hope this next year of blogging will be even better!!!!! And another shout out to all of you! Thanks so much! And last but not least, Baruch HaShem! (praise G-D)


  1. Congratulations, Katherine! I enjoy reading your blog as you are developing and working to become who He wants you to be. I hope this next year of blogging sees you draw even closer to God and continue to grow in Him!

  2. Happy Blogaversary!!!! 2 years, YAY YOU!

    I love your new blog name. It fits you very well.


  3. Happy blogaversary! I personally love the new name of your blog. Observations on Becoming is perfect. = )

  4. Happy Anniversary!! :)

    By the way... I have a question for you about being Jewish. You are Jewish... right? Im not sure if I will be able to see if you post a comment back so please comment on my blog! I may forget which post I asked you this


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