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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What I have been doing :)

It seems not so very long ago, but when school ended and summer hadn't even began, I posted about what I'd be doing this summer.Now, since its about to head into officially mid-summer, it's time to post about what I have been doing this summer. How time flies! Before I continue you should know that this post was inspired by Eldarwen :)
The thing I'm appreciating most this summer is time to read! I'm now out of books, but using Librivox to listen to some classics :):):)

To music, to teaching, to people, to the sounds of nature, to the tv and movie's [;)], to my dreams, to the call to work, to pray, to make order, to follow order, to change, to grow, to have FUN, to enjoy each moment, to live.
(Be sure to enlarge this by clicking here because its worth reading) Writing fiction, writing from my heart, writing for Him, wanting to write, learning to write, having to write, writing, not writing, writing in my diary... pretty much miscellaneous.

I thought it'd be funny to use this photo of two suffragettes posting a poster in New York city. Anyway...I've been posting a lot. Well, more than usual. By usual, I mean more than did when I was in studies. Which is perfectly natural :) I've been posting mostly on my book blog, and trying to post more here. But I have been enjoying it! I missed it-*sigh of contentment*

Sharing with friends
Most of us, I think all of us, have people we can be completely free and comfortable with. Our mothers, brothers, sisters, best friend, cousin, it can be anyone. To be able to just enjoy with them-reminiscing, laughing, teasing, inside jokes, and learning about each other-sharing- is such a rich and relaxing thing.

Having Visits and Conversation with Family
This past-time is close to my heart- I love spending time with people I love-laughing, talking, crying, sharing, joking, eating, watching movies- anything that reminds us of that connection of blood, history, or relationship. In my particualr family, I know that you don't have to be a blood relative to be relatives-I mean, one of the most important connections on earth is of husband and wife, and they are not blood related! Therefore-friends can be family and family can be friends.

Watching Movies whenever(almost)
This is fun. Usually, when you're not on vacation from school, you have to wait until the weekends or the evening, once in a while, to watch movies. But when you are on vacation, you can watch movies in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and late evening, and midnight, and afterwards. Now I'm not saying I do that- the time depends on the day. But I can watch movies more frequently and with less time restraint. ;) and of course, with people. :):):)

This is all for now-this post has taken me forever. Feel free to do something similar, and look for part 2 soon!


  1. The 12 1/2 writing rules is awesome! Thanks for sharing that.

    I love watching movies. They are so much more than entertainment - inspiration, motivation, places to learn.


  2. Yes, those rules are great! Looks like you're having a good summer! :D


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