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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Observations on Becoming!!!- August 8!!!

I am so excited its Monday so I can write observations on becoming!!! I have come to so enjoy this meme of mine. I really like it. Even if I write it at 1:02am. As I would never do *coughcough*
At any rate, I am excited because I have some lovely topics this Sunday.  
Ahem. I just realized I previously stated that it is Monday. Please forgive my 1am brain. I assure you I will keep vigilant watch for any more "slips". To resume my post...

This week has been very remarkable. The thought struck me that ever since I begun my weekly observations on becoming post, so many things happen each week. But I reason that that's just because I now make mental notes of my thoughts more diligently and I use whatever has happened during the week to base my posts on. Because, of course, what else would they be about? :)

There's a word that I've wanted to scream. Actually, make that several phrases. We'll start with the first one. "THANK YOU!!!!!!" A thank you to my cousin who has invited my brother to spend the night with him several times, therefore providing my brother with some male cousin bonding time. Which I am so so happy about. Because I know how much that is needed-a universal need sometimes ignored.  To be more specific- bonding time. :) Remember love...

My second thank you goes to loving and kind family members and dear friends. Once again, during another hard week,  they have proven themselves so thoughtful and so-there for us.
My third thank you to Ibuprofen and books. They have brought me through physical and mental  pain this week. Though it took my mother convincing me to take pills, and mental effort to focus on the pages, without them I might have gone a bit insane-well, more insane than I did go. I know, I can admit to my usage of bad grammar. :p

The second phrase I've been wanting to scream is "Baruch HaShem!!!!" I have seen His hand work in my life and the lives around me this week in powerful ways. And I experienced the power of prayer. Though my silly self hesitates saying the following, because it sounds a bit like bragging, I will say that I believe one of the breakthroughs I saw this week was because of the prayer's I offered up to HaShem. Yes, He'll work whether I pray or not, but I do think someone needs to believe, to trust, and to supplicate. To make room for Him when there's little made or left. I don't feel that I can explain it rightly, but I hope you understand.

Friendship. This week I've been so touched by one friend in particular- her art, her love, and her friendship have deeply deeply touched me. I hope to be able to go into this (a word which here indicates friendship) more in another post, but for now go read her blog, admire her art, and let her know what you think. I'd like to hear it too, perhaps. :)

Well, my dear readers, this is all I have to say this week. I hope you all have a glorious one and enjoy every moment! GOOD and BAD. :):):)



  1. Oh my goodness, how I have missed reading your posts! I'm so happy to be 'back in the blog world'!!
    I hope all is going well with you and your family!
    I apologize that I have taken such a horribly long time to reply to your letters. My family and I have been crazy-busy this Summer, although that's shouldn't be an excuse. Yes I did receive your letter, and cannot wait to finish and send my reply to you! I hope to mail it this week :)
    Blessings and prayers,

  2. Aw, girl, to quote Steel Magnolias, "You know I love you more than my luggage." :)



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