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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Observations on Becoming~August One

Since Google is giving my computer problems, I feel so disconnected from blog-world!! But I'm trying to still keep up with you all, and I hope you're still checking back here.
Right now I'm full of so much love, and frustration. This, of course, makes me feel like a bundle of mismatched hand-me downs, or a multi-media package. Let's talk about frustrations.
As young ladies in our parent's houses, we can be of such help to them, in so many ways. We can cook, clean, watch younger siblings, do secretary work, be cheerful and bright, and most of all compliant and respectful. Why are the most important things always the hardest?? :p We can even assist them financially.
But there is a lot we can't do. These things vary in every family, so I won't bother naming them, as they can be quite private or complicated. But I'm sure we can all think of examples that apply to us. And these situations are sometimes hard-when we want something to happen but can't do anything about it.When we don't want something to happen, and still can't do anything about it. When we want to help, but can't. When we tried to help, but it didn't go well. When as children we have to endure situations and problem's, helplessly.

All these things can be frustrating-and that's natural. How do we deal with this frustration? How do we cope with uncontrollable circumstances?
I have come to only one conclusion. Trust in G-D. Does it sound too simple? Maybe. But a lot of the answers to life's most frustrating problems are so simple. Frustratingly simple at times. But SO so powerful. So fundamental. So life-changing.

My last observations on becoming was about remembering love. Well now I want to talk about love holding people together. Because since last Sunday, I have seen SO much love shown to us by family and by my friends. Thank you to those who have felt sympathy for us (you know who you are ;) Thank you to those who have been here with us helping us with material things (you know who you are too ;). I want to give a personal thank you to my friend who was there for me, in the wee hours of the night, comforting and cheering me (you know who you are!). And I want to thank my parent's, for being so strong, so sensitive, and so loving. For knowing that this family can stick together with love, by love, and for love, no matter what. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Well folks, my dear dear dear friend brought me tons of books today to read during this last month of summer (I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!!!) so my literary blog will be full, if I can get to posting on it, and I'll be working on the video for this project. I want to do an End of Summer Memoir. Then you'll all know what I've been up to (hopefully its not too exciting for the delicate constitutions out there ;p)

Blessings and love!


  1. Hi, it's really true about the simple answers thing. Lot's of problems have simple answers, and it's funny even simple answers can seem hard to follow at times. I'm so glad you have such great friends who would do that for you. ;)

  2. Happy reading! Looking forward to your summer memoir.

    You are such a wise soul.



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