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Friday, September 10, 2010

Grace Like Rain: Interview: Me!

Grace Like Rain: Interview: Katherine at Observations on Becoming: "Today is a very special day because today, I reveal to you my interview done with the beautiful Katherine from Observations on Becoming. I ..."

It was my honor and pleasure to be interviewed by the lovely and inspiring Emily Shae! You can read it here-Grace Like Rain. I didn't answer one questions and didn't finish one answer, thanks to my sometimes crazy brain ;)

My advice to aspiring photographer's would be- Photography can be a hobby or a small business-or a large business, you have to decide where you want to go with it, and when you do, pursue that path. But you have to love it and be very passionate about it. :) In my case, I want it to be my full time/part time business, but I need a fall back, and some way to get the money to do that. So I am going to college to pursue a degree in English, so I can teach, tutor, and the like, English and Literature being equal in love and passion to me as photography. :)

I want to thank Emily once again for her graciousness and for inspiring me to live for the L-rd!!!! If you have not read her blog you must do so! It'll be worth it, I promise you. :)


  1. I enjoyed interviewing you so very much Katherine! And don't worry about missing a question! We all have those crazy moments-especially me. Oh dear! :)

    Thank so again!


  2. I gotta check up on your blog. You got interviewed! AWESOME! Looking forward to reading it.

    But for now.....

    I love, Love, LOVE YOU!


  3. Hi there! I am a new follower that actually discovered your blog through the interview on Grace Like Rain. I like your blog, and hope you check out mine! :)


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