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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's the year 5771, well, it's going to be...

I never can believe it when another year comes around. I never can be grateful enough for G-D's mercy, love, grace, and forgiveness. I never can stop thinking about all I've been through, overcome, and maybe not overcome this past year. I never can look at the sun setting on the first of Tishrei each year with complacency and non-chalantness. I never can find another way to say non-chalantness. I never can stop making up my own words. I never can stop rambling. :p
Yes, today at sunset is the first day of a new year (according to the Jewish/Biblical/Hebrew calendar) and it is a HUGE, I mean HUGE marking of time, a incredibly powerful and important season.
But what I am here to say is that I'm so thankful to HaShem, to the amazing people that have touched my life this year, to the amazing experiences I've had, and to have another year to do it all over again, but differently. Hopefully better, more G-D filled, but no doubt-no doubt- He will be beside me, guiding me, leading me, and showing me, as He does year after year. :) And of course I want it filled with happiness, with joy, with fuffilment, with learning, with growing, with embracing, but most of all, with TONS AND TONS of LOVE. Amen. :) I wish the same to all of you, my dear readers, whether you observe Judaism or not, I hope you have a lovely September to September :)

L'shana Tovah!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. L'Shanah tovah!

    When did you begin observing Judaism? By Judaism, I mean Messianic Judaism, of course! I'd love to hear your story!


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