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Monday, September 13, 2010

Observations on Becoming~ September 13 (late)

My apologies- I wasn't able to reach my mother's computer yesterday. But here I am today, right? And that's all that matters. We may fail or falter but there's always the new day and where you are now, doing right now, is what matters. :)

I like to observe people clean. It is just so amazing. You know, seeing someone work, and not having to exert any effort yourself to get whatever they are cleaning clean. And also it's inspiring-you admire their diligence and ability to clean, and it makes you want to clean so you can be admired too. ;) All right, I'm only partly serious. Anyway...
I'm beginning to get a bit anxious to really make progress in my business, it being a new year and all. But I know I have to be content with where I have to be at right now, and there's still a lot of progress I can make with it sitting here at home.
I'm also excited-its my last year of school, and perhaps I'll be beginning college (next semester). And it feels good to be "growing up" and doing "grown up" things. ;p But of course, at the same time I'm a bit nervous about all of this- I mean, I'm still not sure if I'm a grown up kid or a young adult. There's a difference. :p  I think I'm somewhere in-between.
I'm going to begin to share one of my favorite songs every Sunday. I usually listen to music while I write and it really inspires me  :D I also want to welcome the new followers! Thanks ladies! 
Excuse the shortness of this post, but perhaps I'll have more to "observe" next week. :) 

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