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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It really does feel like living...

Have you ever had a day that was full of raw, happy emotions? A day that reminds you of the essence and core of love in family and friends? A day that humbles you because you realize your hardheartedness? A day that your eyes and heart are open to see the good in people, and hold it close for a long time?
I've had one of those days- to be honest, I think I've been having those kind of days since Rosh HaShana (Jewish New Year). What better way to start the new year? Baruch HaShem (praise G-D).

Yesterday I wrote about not having much to write about-but how amazing is G-D? By the end of the day my heart was full-so much happens in so little time. But before you start thinking I'm talking about some amazing big event, I must inform you that I was running around Chuck E. Cheeses' for a few hours and then eating dinner and laughing for the rest of the time before heading home. So no, there was no miraculous occurance. :p I have to go right now but I think I'll write more tomorrow as well.


  1. I love Rosh always leaves me so...grateful and joyful and humbled. Blessings this week!

  2. You're welcome Katherine! I am glad you enjoyed the post. Oh, and I enjoyed reading this post. :)



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