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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Observations on Becoming~ September 19

I'm excited. Only 37 days till I enter my 18th year (turn 17) and its unreal. I'm not looking forward to anything in particular about it, but its just exciting. :) Maybe I'll become a more interesting person, cause right now I don't know what else to write! :p

So instead, I will direct you to an awesome artist!

First up, Elly at Elly's Wonders. You must check out this woman's art!!!!!!!!! MUST!!! :) And I'm so blessed to be able to claim that she is my awesome aunt. :) To inspire you further to click the link, in case you didn't or won't, here's a direct link to her Etsy, so you can get straight to the incredible art.

Blessings til' next week dear readers, when I'll hopefully be able to write more "observational" things :p


  1. Your birthday is just two days after mine, except I'll be entering my seventeenth year (turning sixteen) :)

  2. Just stopping in to check on you sweet one! Wow the big 1-8 is coming...I remember when.... :-)

    You are such a beautiful young women Ari...Inside and out!

    I love you!


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