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Friday, February 18, 2011

Life is Sweet...

Life Is Sweet

A meme created by the AWESOME Ara, it has been on many of the blogs I follow and I just have to surrender to the peer pressure. Just this once [maybe]. Below is Ara's eloquent description of Life is Sweet. 'Cause no one could've said it better...

Life is so terribly sweet. I don't know why sometimes it's so hard for me to remember that it'samazingly sugar sweet. But then sometimes, I forget which pair of socks I'm if that really had anything to do with it. :) But here I am, wanting to remember those lovely things that make me so warm inside, like a lit-up Christmas tree in my heart. Those things that can make my face hurt from grinning like the sun smashing into the big moon. If you'd like to, join me in remembering ten things that make your life as sweet as winter peppermints, as deliriously happy as impossibly dreamt, as bouncy as a bungee jump on repeat, and as dreamy as blue moonlight. 
Yeah...she go follow...after you read my top ten things, of course :p

  • I love when I find blogs that are so incredibly lovely that I'm shocked at myself for not having found and  followed them sooner. Such as Polka Dot's lovely blog (life is too short not to) wear red shoes. And she just so happens to be hosting a giveaway. How appropriately lovely. ;)

  • I love when I have an epiphany, no matter how large or small. Such as realizing I can post to my photography blog (since Google still doesn't work on my computer) via the awesome Flickr. Yay.
  • It makes me soooo happy to post normally-meaning on a computer being able to link and use pictures and etc etc etc. 
  • Catching up on blogs I stalk love is SO inspirational!! Seriously, it does something to make me post.. :p Or wanna, at least...
  • The light of winter-and warmer weather,makes me happy. Though I'm still mistrustful of all the fine weather everyone's been having! *suspiciousshiftyeyes*
  • Being a nerd makes me happy, especially when there's nerdy apps like
  • If that's even a word....
  • I'm very happy when listening to random mixes of music on my iPod. Very happy. If I attend college, I'm hoping to take up music as a minor. :)
  • I love inserting some spontaneity in my life-like..
  •  unexpectedly having a three way chat on Facebook with some peeps,
  •  making my best friend a collage, 
  • editing pictures with sudden inspired ideas..
Ha! There's miraculously more than 10 things. Yay! May your timeuntilwheneverIpostagain be sweet and your Shabbat sweeter!


  1. it's true, there's something about red shoes, isn't there? this was a lovely post :)

  2. I clicked all of the little check boxes because this post is all of them. Ah love is really sweet~! Especially when best friends make other best friends lovely collages. That the best friend then saves on their computer. ;D

  3. Thank you so much, Lady Scribbles! And yes, Eva,there just is something about red shoes :p :)


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